Hi, my name is Tek Bahadur Limbu currently residing in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am currently the systems manager at Broadlink Network and Communications which is one of the largest ISP in Nepal.We have deployed the biggest Wifi network in Nepal covering 25 districts across a span of 900 km.

I have been using and working on Linux/Unix based platforms since 2000.

My expertise are in Linux and FreeBSD open source servers, with strong emphasis on Squid proxy servers, HTB bandwidth management shapers, Bind DNS servers, Apache Web servers, Security/Firewalls and Qmail/Postfix mail servers.

I am currently managing Squid, Bind and co-managing Apache, Qmail and HTB bandwidth servers catering the needs of more than 30,000 users.

I have a strong fundamental knowledge in IPV4 based networking and currently I am co-managing Cisco’s 2500 – 7200 series routers and 2900 catalyst switches in an ISP environment serving more than 30,000 users.

Most of the time, I usually read all materials and tutorials relating to open source based products and implement them according to needs and requirements for my company.

If you need professional help and consultation in the above mentioned fields and expertise, I can be contacted at : tekbdrlimbu@hotmail.com

If I manage to take some time out of my hectic life, I usually spend it with my family and in sleeping:)


3 responses to “About

  1. Hello Tek, I was sent to this site by Bob Fahey alias The Dude.

    I am now teaching myself Linux and Perl coming from a Windows background myself.

    I have just set up my own satellite dish to provide wireless internet to residents & small businesses and I needed a tool to monitor DNS queries,bandwidth ,etc.

    I want to start using Linux-based tools to run my WISP so I would like some help.

    Of course, I am wiling to pay for your expertise but there must be a transfer of knowledge accompanying same.

    I look forward to your suggestions on how we move towards achieving these goals.

    Best regards,

    Raymond Shaw

  2. Nice blog .. keep up to date..

  3. hi..
    nice to know you 🙂

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