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An Encounter with Solaris 10

2 weeks ago, our main festival started for which we had 5 days off! Now that is a considerable amount of free time to any system administrator. Free time to system administrators gives us the ability to think freely from the daily workload and unnecessary pressure.

Before the holidays started, I had decided to learn something new to further enhance my experience and understanding about the open source operating systems world. I am not really an expert on Linux or BSD based operating systems. However, I do have some years of experience with Redhat and Debian based Linux operating systems. Since 2 years back, I have been running some server stuffs mostly on FreeBSD operating systems.

Trying out Gentoo has always been on my mind but I thought it’s Linux after all and suddenly Solaris came to my mind. I have to admit that I had always been biased to Solaris. I thought that it was not really an open source operating system and it ran only on those weird looking SPARC boxes manufactured by Sun Microsystems.

But I was wrong! Solaris seems to be full of promises and definitely seems to be the operating system of the future. In fact, it is probably the only Unix operating system which still contains the original Unix code when Unix was first developed in the 1970s. That may explain why it’s stability is so rock solid.

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